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Bowl of French Fries 5.75
Bowl of Sweet Potato French Fries 7.50
Fresh tortilla chips loaded & baked with Cheddar, tomato, onion & green pepper. Salsa & sour cream on the side 11.25
With chili or spiced turkey, add 3.50
With jalapenos, add 1.95

Potato Skins
Topped with melted Cheddar & a side of sour cream 11.50
With bacon, add 3.00

Alaskan Dippers
Served with jalapeno tarter sauce 11.50

Chicken Fingers
Served with BBQ sauce 11.50
Chicken Drummies
Served with honey mustard 12.25

Buffalo Wings
Served with celery sticks & bleu cheese 11.95

Teriyaki Wings
Served with celery sticks & choice of dressing 12.25

Coconut Shrimp
Served with sweet mustard sauce 11.95

Mozzarella Sticks
Served with marinara sauce 10.25

Fish Sliders with Sweet Potato Fries
Four Panko-breaded mini fish fillets served with spicy jalapeno tarter & sweet potato fries 12.50

Onion Rings 9.95

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